What is graphene and why is important?

Graphene, first isolated in 2004 by two researchers at The University of Manchester, has been hailed as the wonder material that will revolutionise materials . In its purist sense, graphene is a one-atom-thick fabric of carbon which has been theoretically shown to have remarkable physical properties including exceptional strength-to-weight, effective electrical and thermal conductors as well as be highly flexible.

What is Nanene?

Nanene is a high quality few-layer graphene produced using a patented manufacturing method. Developed on the University of Manchester campus and then scaled up in a dedicated production facility, Nanene is a product that offers independently proven, real world application, performance benefits.

The Nanene manufacturing process is scaleable, cost effective, offers high utilisation and is environmentally friendly.

Benefits of using Nanene

  • Commercially viable – Nanene is available today.
  • Short lead times – Versarien has Nanene stock on the shelf and can easily scale production to cope with increased customer demands.
  • Quality – Nanene is a high purity, low defect product, independently verified by several United Kingdom universities using some of the world’s most advanced equipment.
  • Product spec – Nanene has thinner sheets and higher lateral dimensions compared to other suppliers.
  • Proven track record – Versarien has manufactured possibly the largest world order of graphene to date.
  • Technical support – our graphene team is based at the University of Manchester, the home of graphene, offering access to the world’s leading academics and equipment.
  • Experience – 2-DTech have successfully created solutions to suit individual customer needs. 2-DTech has a high level of expertise in dispersion of Nanene into various resin systems including thermosets and thermoplastics.
  • Location – Versarien and its subsidiaries is British owned, with all Nanene manufacturing in Cheltenham, England.
  • Collaborations – 2-DTech and Versarien works closely with a number of centres of excellence including the National Graphene Institute, University of Manchester and University of Cambridge.

Click here to download the Nanene Technical Datasheet

Click here to download the Nanene Safety Datasheet