Versarien PLC     

Founded in 2011, Versarien’s mission is to create value through exploiting intellectual property and disruptive technologies gained through in-house innovation, acquisitions and joint ventures. To date, Versarien’s management has been quick to realise the potential of innovative technologies and capitalise on this. Versarien’s current portfolio of companies is at the forefront of innovation; its subsidiaries manufacture hard wearing materials suitable for arduous environments, micro-porous metals for thermal management, plastics ready for graphene enhancement, as well as graphene R&D and Nanene manufacture.

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2-DTech Limited          

2-DTech Limited is a subsidiary of Versarien PLC and a spin-out of the University of Manchester, which specialises in the supply of Nanene as well as the transfer of fundamental science to applied technology. Our highly qualified staff and close links with the University of Manchester afford 2-DTech unique opportunities to develop Nanene-enhanced advanced materials not available to other commercial suppliers of graphene products.

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Cambridge Graphene Limited      

Cambridge Graphene Limited is a subsidiary of Versarien PLC and a spin-out of the University of Cambridge. It specialises in the development and supply of novel graphene inks/2D materials technology for customers. Cambridge Graphene also has extensive experience in graphene enhanced composites as well as batteries and supercapacitors. 

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